PV Mounting Structure Accessories Ground screw

In the process of installing PV Mounting Structure, the technology of fixed ground will be applied, which is the basis for the stability of the bracket products. How should it be implemented to meet the corresponding standards?

Because the solar photovoltaic bracket is installed outdoors, environmental factors also have a great influence on the use of a fixed ground screw. If the operation is improper, it will easily reduce the working life of the product. The second is the treatment of the solar fixed ground screw itself.To ensure its performance, it common needs those processing procedures such as blocking, deformation, welding, pickling, and hot plating.

Among them, hot plating and pickling are to further improve the anti-corrosion performance of the product, which directly affects the working life of the solar fixed ground screw, but must pay attention to the technical parameters during the operation. Under the condition that all aspects meet the standards, the general solar fixed ground screw can be used for 40~80 years, which can meet the application requirements of photovoltaic brackets.


Post time: Sep-06-2021