Introducing The Solar PV Mounting System Material

At present,The majority of Solar Mounting System is made from aluminum alloy, structural steel, concrete and,other materials. Here we introduce those material’s characteristics.

The scale of application of photovoltaic mounting structure made from section steel is extensive,mainly because the specifications of section steel are unified, including civil, industrial, power generation and other professional fields. It has good quality stability and high corrosion resistance, which is an advantage that other materials do not have. As long as some regular connectors are used, the equipment can be completed.

Most of the solar mounting structure used in civilian use are aluminum alloy, because of its generous appearance and complete functions, it is easy to be recognized by the market. There is a disadvantage for the relatively low bearing capacity,and can not bear too much weight, so it is not suitable for power generation.

Our company mainly produce and sell plating Zn-Mg-Al pipes, and it can be customized to meet the size and specifications of a PV installation, as well as the style of roof or installation.

Ours Zn-Mg-Al pipes’s mounting systems have 30-year warranty.

Plating Zn-Mg-Al pipes have super corrosion resistance and is a new type of high corrosion resistance coating tube. Its zinc coating is mainly composed of zinc, which is composed of zinc plus 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium,and a trace amount of silicon. The thickness of dipped Zn-Mg-Al pipes can be produced in the range of 1.0-6.2mm, square pipe size: 80~140mm; round pipe diameter: 114~165mm. Due to the compound effect of these additional elements, the corrosion inhibition effect is further improved. In addition, it has excellent processing performance under severe conditions (stretching, stamping, bending, painting, welding, etc.), the coating with high hardness and excellent damage resistance. Compared with ordinary galvanized and galvanized and aluminized,it can achieve better corrosion resistance. Due to this super corrosion resistance, it can be used in some areas instead of stainless steel or aluminum. The anti-corrosion and self-healing effect of the cutting end face is a major feature of the product. The products are mainly used in industries such as PV Mounting System, high-speed guardrails, building curtain walls, agricultural etc. a wide range of applications.



Post time: Sep-06-2021