How Do You Select The PV Mounting System Material?

The PV Mounting System is used when installing a solar cell array with a height less than 4m from the lower end to the upper end. Calculate the bending strength and bending amount of the material caused by the wind pressure blowing from the front of the solar photovoltaic bracket (downwind) and the wind pressure blowing from behind the solar photovoltaic bracket (upwind), and the buckling (compression) and tensile strength of the support arm, the strength of the mounting bolts, etc., and confirm the strength.

1) PV mounting structure materials

Select the solar photovoltaic mounting structure material, determine the second moment of cross-section IM and the cross-section coefficient Z. Common use C-shaped steel, angle steel, or square pipe.

(2) Illusion load of solar photovoltaic support

Solar photovoltaic mounting system fixed load (G)

The load of solar photovoltaic mounting components (including frame) GM + frame weight GK1+ another GK2 fixed load G=GM+ GK1+ GK2 wind pressure load (W) (the sum ( WK) is wind pressure applied to the modules (WM) plus wind pressure applied to the bracket ).

(3) Snow load of solar mounting system (S). The snow load which it’s perpendicular to the surface of the modules.
 (4) Seismic load of solar mounting system (K). The horizontal seismic force applied to the bracket

(5) Total load (W)



Post time: Sep-02-2021