Introducing The Solar Mounting System Accessories

Due to the rapid development of our country, the solar energy industry is now developing more and more rapidly. So which parts of the solar mounting structure accessories are made up?

Solar Mounting Structure are one of the most commonly utilized components in PV power generation. It carries the main body of solar power generation. The choice of the solar mounting structure directly affects the operational safety of the photovoltaic module and will also reduce the subsequent maintenance costs. So what are the components of photovoltaic mounting system accessories?

1 Fixed bracket,azimuth and inclination non-adjustable.

2 Dual-axis tracking structure,rotate around two axes to track the sun

3 Supports, used to strengthen the stability of column, beams and,racking.

4 Axis, used to support the racking and adjust the angle of the racking(suitable for tracking bracket).

5-link, used in the mechanical transmission spare parts between the bracket and the power system (suit for PV tracking bracket).

6 Bracket,supports the system of photovoltaic modules. Columns, supports, beams, shafts, racking,and accessories made of metal materials.may be equipped with transmission and control components to track the trajectory of the sun.

7Single-axis tracking system, a system that rotates around one axis to track the sun.

8 Columns, which are connected with the foundation to support beams, shafts, and racking.

9 beams and rail, which components support the racking and photovoltaic power generation components.


As the supporting structure of the solar power generation system, the solar mounting system has an important influence on the safe & efficient operation,and cost control of the system.



Post time: Sep-07-2021